01. welcome

WELCOME TO Trezor Hub!

Trezor Hub is a 2x2 forced matrix global auto pool affiliate program with Al software that requires each affiliate to sponsor minimum two new affiliate promoter.

By pooling resources or investments with others, individuals can spread the risk among a larger group. This can provide a level of protection and reduce individual exposure to potential losses.

02. Benefits

Trezor Hub Benefits


Connectivity across payment networks


Instant, on-demand settlement


Real-time traceability of funds


Low operational and liquidity costs
03. Evolution

Digital Currency

What’s next? We want digital currencies to be so easy to use your Grandma would use them. Trezor Hub Evolution will enable you to signup and access your Trezor Hub from any device and transact as easily as you can with PayPal, but in a fully decentralized way. Stay tuned…

05. Network

Growing Global

Trezor Hub is rapidly gaining popularity among crypto community. Lots of real companies and exchanges have adopted our coin already. There is much more to come. Stay tuned.


07. Team

Team & Advisors

With a team of top technology and finance professionals, the nonprofit Trezor Hub expands access to low-cost financial services to fight poverty and maximize individual potential.

Anthony Wright

Founder & CEO

Dominick Phillips

Senior JavaScript/Node.js Engineer

Hillary Barrett


John Nelson

Account Manager
09. Miner

Compatible GPU Miner

Download one of these miners for your GPU

Windows Trezor Hub Miner DownloadLinux Trezor Hub MinerDownload

87 278
Total miners
2.82 Tsol/s
Total hashrate


Upcoming Events

12 December 2024
Blockchain Week

Participation of Trezor Hub in blockchain week in London

13 September 2024
Ethyl Voting

“The Ethyl Community Fund Proposal has started their voting.”

20 March 2024
Catapult Release

Catapult Trezor Hub (version 2.0) will come sometime this year

20 January 2024
World Blockchain

Participation of Trezor Hub team in Blockchain Week in London

22 September 2023
Developer Week

Visit our booth at the world’s largest developer conference.

12 June 2024
Chainges Conference

Join the first world-class quality blockchain and cryptocurrency conference